MrServer Breaks Into Wind!

Wait, that doesn't sound right...oh well...

MrServer is pixellated with delight to announce the availability of 100% wind-powered hosting services. If you're an existing customer, chances are your site has already been relocated to take advantage of this renewable, non-polluting power. If not, it soon will be.

Do-it-yourself sites are available starting at just $5/month! They come with a breezy bunch of installable software that includes WordPress and Joomla!, a site builder that will blow you away, cPanel access, and much much more. Or choose MrServer's fully managed, hands-off service with near-real-time, double-redundant, geographically-distributed backup at $20/month (some limitations apply).

While MrServer was already investing in carbon offsets to compensate for the fossil fuel used to power the older servers, these websites don't require that, because they don't produce any carbon dioxide. Just pure, clean energy of wind. Furthermore, the wind farm that provides their power is not located in a migratory bird flyway. While we can never produce power without some impact on the environment, this is about as good as it gets!

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Cartoon windmills Singer/songwriter Christine Lavin has been kind enough to provide a fun song about oil spills and windmills. She's graciously released it into the public domain, so you can listen, download, and share it to your heart's content. Thanks, Christine!!!

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